Did you know that psychologists consider that the kitchen is the pumping heart within our homes? It is this room, within the body of our domiciles, which is primarily concerned with nourishment. Food is love. Good food is the best medicine. Homey kitchens confer warmth upon those who inhabit and visit them. Domestic kitchens cry out for individualised handicrafts to adorn their walls and benches. A kitchen cannot be too daggy, too kitsch, or too reflective of the members of the household that commands it. These nourishing spaces are home to DIY decorating ideas like no other room in the house.

DIY Kitchen Handicraft Ideas

What are some great DIY kitchen handicraft ideas for your home? Hokey signs writ with kitchen lore are a must in my book. Colourful messages reminding us all that this engine room is fuelled with love and warmth. Families, often, gather in the kitchen in the morning and after work or school. It is a relaxed cantina to breakfast in and a staging post before dinner. Mum or dad might be cooking up a storm for the nightly meal and offspring gather to share the news of their day.

Interior Decorating Bent

You might want a few icons about, to encourage great inspiration in the culinary spheres. These might be folky spice racks hanging from a peg on the wall or a few chopping boards hewn from some suitable timber and prepared accordingly. Artfully designed teapots and trays are another must have in the crafty kitchen. Crocheted tea towels tell stories to the discerning listener in the right frame of mind. Café style inspiration can be another narrative to employ within the hallowed walls of your gastronomic temple. Doing these things, yourself is, of course, the crowning point of difference in this whole interior decorating bent.

Imbue Your Kitchen with Something Uniquely Yours

Don’t do your back in, by taking on too much with your DIY kitchen handicrafts. Avoid building an entire kitchen bench or cupboard, unless you are a cabinet maker by profession. These things we are talking about, are little touches of yourself, to imbue your kitchen with something uniquely yours. Kids art and craft is perfect to adorn the shelves and fridge door of your culinary space. Hand painted coffee mugs and dip-dyed wooden spoons are great ideas to brighten up your world.  Kitchen walls are there to be decorated with all sorts of possibilities; only your imagination can limit you.