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Interview with Ronnie who quilts and makes fabric bowls and boxes.

What kinds of fabric crafts do you create?

Mostly I quilt, but I have made a few bags, bowls, boxes and wall-hangings this year. I love stitcheries.

How and when did you become interested in quilting?

When I semi-retired (I only work 2 days per week now) I got back to my favourite thing - sewing, but decided on a project in quilting - now I'm hooked.

What is it that attracts you to quilting and fabric crafts in general?

I think what attracts me the most is making something that is "special" - it cannot be bought, it is usually made as a gift or a swap. It is a one-off and sometimes the fabric just compels me to make a bag or bowl, etc.

How did you learn the basics of quilting?

Mostly I'm self taught. I've always sewn but have been to a few classes to learn a method, eg. Bargello (because it intriqued me) Most of the quilts I have made have been from mags and patterns.

Shabby Chic Bag
Shabby Chic Bag by Ronnie

How did you go about learning how to make fabric boxes and bowls?

From a book. I knew it was a craft going crazy in the USA so I imported all the requirements and taught myself the basics and now am experimenting with bags using the Timtex stabiliser.

What are you working on right now?

Quilts for grandchildren - I have 9 grandies and 3 already have their quilts. The last 6 are being delivered by Santa. One is completed, three quilts tops are made and are being quilted shortly and the last 2 quilts will be started just as soon as the quilting is completed on the previous 3.

Where do you look for inspiration when you are beginning a new quilt?

Sometimes I see fabric that just needs to be made for this special idea or for that special person. Most times I admit that I just go with a magazine pattern and adapt it to suit the fabric or recipient.

If you had to choose a favourite piece you have made what would it be?

It would have to be a Bargello I made for a girlfriend, Diane, who had wanted me to make her a quilt for a long time. Pic on msn site. I made her a matching wall hanging and I must admit that when I look at it in her bedroom I cannot believe that I made it myself. Another favourite is my own designed "shabby chic bag with beads" made with Timtex. (top right)

What was the most difficult piece you have created and why?

Obviously Diane's Bargello, because of the size - bigger than King Size bed, and totally quilted on my sewing machine in three pieces and then pieced together. The biggest pieces in the quilt are 3" x 3" but mostly smaller. Adapted from AP&Q Vol 13, No. 3 "Lightning Strikes" by Chris Timmins - Adapted to be a quilted bedspread and includes the sham to cover the pillows - it is also much larger than the quilt in AP&Q.

What would be your favourite part in the process of creating a quilt?

Bargello Quilt
Bargello Quilt
Bargello Quilt and Wall Hanging by Ronnie

I love the rotary cutting and machine piecing - watching it all come together. I am not a very experienced "quilter" as such so am practicing often to perfect my meandering, stippling and free motion quilting.




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