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Interview with Nicole, who crafts stitcheries continued.


Are there any benefits you have found the internet has for your work?

The internet is a great source. I use search engines heaps to find what I am looking for. I do a lot of internet marketing and advertising, and obviously having a website is a bonus. People can look at our designs online. The best thing about the internet is that it just keeps getting better!! I WILL BE UPLOADING A BRAND NEW WEBSITE BY THE END OF OCTOBER, and the features we can have on the website are just amazing.

What basic materials, and/ or tools, would someone need to buy to get started in stitcheries as a hobby?

All you really need is a pair of scissors. If you’re starting out, its best to purchase kits, and what your kit includes varies with different designers. Our kits include pre-printed calico, needle, threads and full instructions including project ideas and how to give the finished design that ‘country’ look.

What types of fabric are most suited to stitcheries?

We use calico in our kits, but other designers use a variety of materials. Calico is very versatile, and since most people are looking for a country type look calico does the job well. It is also a very easy material to stitch on. Homespun can also be used. I must say that I really enjoyed using felt for the baby girl project.

Buzzy Bees
Buzzy Bees

Can you outline the general process behind making the squares in this photo?

All the squares come pre-printed. I put a small piece of wadding behind the design and stitched both together as I followed the pre-printed lines. It just gives a bit of a padded look. I’m big on matching colours, so the pink and the green went well for me. I used light and medium-dark pink and green shades, along with metallic threads to highlight certain parts of the design. Once stitched, I then cut out a larger piece of felt (Pink or you can use another matching colour) and did a loose stitch in white thread around the squares to attach them together. The four squares then are attached with buttons, and I put a small tab on the end two squares to attach them to the wire hanger.

How long do you think it would take to make a square like that?

To stitch and put together one square would take approx and hour and half of constant stitching. It wasn’t very long at all.

Do you design the stitcheries that you sell on your site?

Some of the designs are original Country Lane designs which came as part of the business when I purchased it off Amy in 2005. The newer Garden, Christmas and Mini Stitchery sets (Girl and Boy blocks, mini primitives, and mini Christmas Stitcheries), and a few others have been designed by North Coast designer Sharon Barr. She is a busy mum with a few kids at home, but has a real passion to design. Her designs have to be my favourites out of the whole range.

Do you sell the kits or finished pieces or both?

On our current website, we only sell the kits and patterns, but when our new website is up and running at the end of October, we will be adding finished designs as well for those who love the look of the craft but don’t have time to complete one for a present or for themselves!

Baby Girl Blocks
Baby Girl Blocks

Do you sell your stitcheries products anywhere other than online?

There are a number of craft businesses across Australia that stock our designs for people who prefer to shop locally, but other than that, it’s mainly online. We do attend some craft fairs as well one of which is the upcoming Christmas Earth Fair in Adelaide early December.

Are there any business problems that you consider are unique to an art or craft business?

One problem that I see in the craft industry (and it’s a good one) is that there are so many creative and talented designers. The craft market offers so much variety, but is so jam packed at the same time, This has good and bad outworkings.

Check out Nicole's website: Country Lane Designs

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